Ruby Performance Monitoring

Scout APM will point you at Ruby performance problems so you can debug, pronto. With support for Rails, Sinatra, Sidekiq and many other Ruby web frameworks and libraries, we have you covered.

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Solve memory bloat and n+1 queries in Ruby

Scout’s Performance Monitoring (APM) tool pinpoints and prioritizes performance and stability issues in Ruby, such as N+1 database queries and memory bloat. With Scout’s tracing logic, developers can detect the exact line of code causing the performance abnormality, and with detailed backtraces, you can debug the issue before customers ever notice. Scout’s Ruby monitoring tool provides actionable insights by automatically calculating memory increase, prioritizing query data by potential time saved, and tracking object allocations to minimize overhead.

Instantly report key Ruby performance metrics with details on every web endpoint and background job


  • Response Time
  • Throughput
  • Web transactions
  • Error Rate


  • Deploy tracking
  • Memory Usage
  • Detailed Tracing
  • Slow Query Insights
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Leverage Database Query Monitoring for Ruby apps

Scout’s database query monitoring feature helps you identify slow and repeatedly expensive database queries within your Ruby application. The database feature specifically collects metrics around the database and concisely visualizes only the relevant insights you need to understand how your database performs in relation to your app. Connect transaction traces to their corresponding calls to provide better insights into what the query is and where it occurred with the database monitoring feature.

Track user-specific issues with custom context for Ruby on Rails

Custom context delivers greater understanding into how and which customer(s) were impacted by a specific query and which developer wrote the code. Establishing custom context enables you to define different values to better understand why a particular query was slow. Scout also offers a customizable performance dashboard of custom context parameters and connect them to your slowest endpoint traces to optimize Ruby on Rails performance based on user experience.

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Ruby Monitoring FAQ

  1. What kind of alerting options do I get with Scout Monitoring?

    Scout provides alerting options such as Github, Slack, weekly digest emails and more. For a full list visit our alerting options, visit this section of our docs page.

  2. What kind of integrations does Scout support?

    Scout supports integrations with PagerDuty, Rollbar, Sentry, Zapier, Github, plus others. Click here for a comprehensive list of our integrations.

  3. What’s Scout overhead like?

    Scout’s performance monitoring agent uses just a portion of the resources of existing app monitoring agents while providing higher-fidelity trace details.

  4. What is the Scout Monitoring installation process like?

    You can start collecting insights in just 3 easy steps. Simply install your Ruby framework’s package/bundle, set a configuration key, and deploy.

  5. Is it safe to run Scout alongside my current APM library?


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